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DAY 1 OF 4

We all have values. Some are easy to explain and simple to live out, and others take daily intentionality and years of struggle to implement.

These values define us, they become the benchmark of where we are not willing to compromise in our lives.

If you value honesty, you will always tell the truth. If you value family, you will prioritise spending time with them above others.

We have faith values too.

These values aren’t New Year resolutions where you commit to ‘getting better at’ or ‘doing more of’ a certain activity, but faith values define how you respond to circumstances and relate to God.

If you value community, when gathering with other believers is hard or heart-breaking you won’t comprise by excluding yourself, but instead, stay in community. If you value prayer, when you aren’t hearing from God or going through a bad season, you don’t give up but instead persist.

For a long time now one of my faith values has been to have reverence in all the right places. Simply put it means to have holy fear, and not fear the holy.

To respect God, but to also know that I’m invited to be in presence as a child.

To be awestruck by God and live in wonder.

To know my place as created and to know Him as my creator.

King David was a man who knew how to live in Holy fear, and not fear the Holy. He may have been a King, but at all times he knew who was the King.

Today’s passages are a glimpse of how David expressed his reverence for God in worship.

Tomorrow, we continue with King David as we look at how he demonstrated his reverence for God in his actions, and throughout this devotional dive into scriptures that help explain how we can all have healthy reverence for God in our lives.

When you have reverence in all the right places you can live in Holy fear, awestruck and full of wonder for God, invited into His presence unrestricted, without fearing the Holy.

Day 2

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