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Peace for Christian Perfectionists by Faith ChangSample

Peace for Christian Perfectionists by Faith Chang

DAY 1 OF 4

Years ago, I ran into a childhood friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. After warm hellos, I pulled back from a hug, looked up at him, and asked, “Are we good?” My friend knew right away what I was referring to. Our last interaction had left me wondering if I’d offended him. So it was to my great relief that he smiled and said, “Yeah. We’re good.”

Christian perfectionists often carry the sense that things with God aren’t good. We may frequently fight the thought, “Something is wrong with me,” but at a gut level, it also feels like something is not quite right between us and God. I say “at a gut level” because we can believe God loves us and still feel in the day-to-day that he is unhappy with us. Whether we anticipate coldness, irritability, disgust, or indifference from God, we don’t expect to be fully welcomed into the divine presence.

But in this story, God shows us something different. The prodigal was right to risk his return, though even he couldn’t have imagined the welcome awaiting him. The prodigal is received not as a servant but as a beloved child.

This is the welcome of God for you. Your imperfections have not consigned you to a life of being merely tolerated. Rather, in your weakness and sin, your Father’s heart goes out to you and he says, Come. He isn’t just seeking a change in your behavior. He isn’t even seeking your usefulness to him. Remember that it was not extra hands for the farm that the father longed for while the prodigal was in a distant country. He wanted his son. So it is with your Father. In calling you to draw near, God seeks, and has always sought, you.

Father, with compassion, you sought me in a distant land and brought me near by the blood of Christ. Thank you for not being ashamed to run after me.

Jesus, you are the elder brother who welcomed me back with great joy. Even now, you watch over me with care, and I belong to you.

Holy Spirit, continue to assure me of this belonging.

Teach me what it means to belong to this household where I am always wanted and always welcome.

Reassure me day by day of my place here at peace with you.

In Jesus’ name,


Day 2

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Peace for Christian Perfectionists by Faith Chang

Many Christians, often without even realizing it, struggle with a type of Christian perfectionism. In this devotional plan, Faith Chang speaks into feelings of guilt, fear, or anxiety in our walk with the Lord through r...


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