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Don’t Be Different AloneSample

Don’t Be Different Alone

DAY 1 OF 5

Why be different?

What do you think being different means? Maybe it seems super weird and uncomfortable to you. Why be different when you can just act, do, say, and post the same things as everyone else? It’s much easier to be normal. After all, when you think about people who are different, you usually think about those kids that get picked on. Why would you sign up for that? But here’s the thing: there’s nothing wrong with being normal, unless you’re called to be different. And as a Jesus follower, we’re all called to be different. 

So, what exactly does it mean to be different? It’s different than you’d think. Being different isn’t about acting out to get attention. It’s not dying your hair blue, getting a ton of piercings, or trying to stand out in a crowd. Those things are different, but they aren’t the kind of different we’re called to be. 

But what if there were a different kind different? A good different? Jesus was this good-type of different. He was really different, and people knew about it. Word spread throughout Israel about Him and the things He was doing! He was healing people left and right, talking to women, and hanging out with sinners. Jesus was different. He didn’t compromise His beliefs or His purpose, but He always showed love to people. 

That’s the kind of different we’re called to be. We’re called to live differently by serving others before ourselves, obeying our parents when it’s easier to ignore them, and treating others how Jesus would treat them. 

So, what are some ways you can start trying to be this good-type of different that Jesus was? It doesn’t have to be something crazy. Maybe for you it means being nicer to your siblings or inviting more people to sit with you at lunch. Or maybe it means inviting your friends to come to church with you! Whatever it is, these small changes result in different results. 

Challenge: Figure out one thing you can do this week to serve your family. 

About this Plan

Don’t Be Different Alone

As Jesus followers, we’re called to be different. But what does that really mean? And how do we do it? During this 5-day Bible Plan, we’ll explore what it looks like to be different and how to not be different alone. 

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