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DAY 1 OF 5


Over the course of the next few days we are going to get Stronger. If you want to get out of a stagnant spot, you’re new to faith, or you're wondering which area of your life needs to change; putting these principles into action holds the power to impact your life and make you ‘Stronger’ as a result. 

So firstly, our relationship with God...

Have you ever believed that God is disappointed in you?

As a Christian, I have certainly felt this before. If you have been in Church long enough, you would have heard the famous 3 words: ‘Jesus loves you’. And although that statement is completely true, sometimes when something is repeated it can become too familiar. In my experience, when life becomes challenging, it is easy to wonder if God not only loves us, but does he even like us? Is he disappointed in us?

Our view of God will shape our view of ourselves. And our view of ourselves will define how we live our lives. If we are to become Stronger, and mature in our faith, it is crucial to understand who God really is and what he thinks about us.

Position vs Performance

Imagine a Son who has done the unimaginable. Dishonoured his parents, demanded their money, ran away from home and wasted everything that he had originally taken. You could say that this was the point of no return; punishment from his parents should be inevitable.

Think about your own lowest moment, what do you feel you deserve?

After the son hits his lowest point he has no choice but to shamefully come home and work as a servant for his Father. Anticipating an angry Father and a life of repaying his debts, something surprising happens. His Father sees him approaching in the distance and he runs towards him, and throws his arms around him. He was received with gladness! 

A hug instead of anger, celebration instead of rejection! What had been acceptable to become a Servant, His Father called him a Son. The Father rejoiced upon his return saying ‘For this Son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found’.

Our lives are no longer defined by our performance, but by our position as Children of God!

God loves you forever and always. He cannot love you any more and He will not love you any less.

Do you feel like you have gone too far down the wrong path, that God won’t accept you?

Take heart in the truth that you cannot disappoint your Heavenly Father who already knows everything about you. Nothing surprises him or can separate you from His love.


God I thank you that you are my Father. A heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally. I rejoice that I am your Son or Daughter. Your grace is enough for my failures, and I thank you for your forgiveness. Amen


How can you begin to live in your position as a Child, rather than striving to perform for your Father?

For our Strength is found in our identity as His Children.

Day 2

About this Plan


We believe that God’s desire for all of us is to become Stronger. This means Stronger individually as well as corporately. This Bible plan is all about becoming Stronger for His glory and to help us fulfil His purposes f...


We would like to thank Freedom Church Chennai for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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