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Our One True Identity

Our world is in the midst of an identity crisis. There have been drastic shifts in gender and sexual identity, marriage identity, and even national identity. The news emerging from our geopolitical and socioeconomic structures bears witness to our need for more of God. We have taken identity formation into our own hands, and what this theft has accomplished is a vacuum of security and purpose on the earth.

God’s creation is desperate for a deeper revelation of God’s identity. We need His identity branded on our hearts to accomplish the kingdom mandate on our lives, individually and collectively as the body of Christ.

The only way to have a proven and secure identity is to see the identity of God. Unfortunately, we have certain conceptions about God based on what we have been taught, our experiences, and our observations, and we have certain assumptions about God that create barriers to true intimacy with Him.

Our journey to understanding God’s identity will require us to confront the origins of our ideas about God, dismantle them with God’s truth, and pursue God’s revelation of His identity. Then and only then will we be prepared to receive God’s outpouring of revelation and power in our lives.