Seeking God in Worship

Day 2 of 8 • This day’s reading

This woman asked Jesus about the right place to worship. Jesus explained that His true worshippers worship from their spirits and from the basis of the truth—the truth that Jesus Christ is the anointed and only Son of the One True God, the God of all creation, and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (God of the Jews). Any form of worship outside of “spirit and truth” is false worship. True worship is exclusively found in exalting Jehovah, the One True God of the Universe! He alone is worthy! He is Spirit. God cannot be held down to only receiving praise at a specific physical location. That’s absurd, right? But isn’t this what many people practice today? Going to “church” for many is: setting aside a time and place for worship and going through the rest of their week void of it.

Where and how do you like to worship God? Have you limited your worship to a certain place or activity? Maybe it’s time to live a lifestyle as a true worshipper.