The Dream Centered Life

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Dream Again

The iPhone is an amazing invention. You can find your way around town with it; take great pictures; find movie times; store your favorite music on it. If you trace the iPhone back to where it came from, there’s a store that sold it; a place that shipped it. There’s a plant that built it; people that designed it, and if you follow the trail all the way back you will find that the iPhone was dreamed up in someone’s imagination.

Everything starts with a dream. Every invention ever made. Every building ever built, every painting ever painted, every book ever written, every movie ever filmed, they all started with a dream.

Legendary filmmaker, George Lucas once said, “You cannot do it unless you imagine it.”

Maybe you already have a dream. Or maybe you once had a dream but the dream got dashed. The good news is, God can stir up your imagination again.

Say this word out loud, “IMAGINE!” Say it again. Now, close your eyes and imagine the back of your eyelids are a movie screen, and God is playing a movie about the rest of your life. Come on! Do it! What do you see? Imagine!

Ephesians 3:20 gives us some good news, it says, “God can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.”

What is starting to stir inside of you? Maybe it’s the dream to start a new business. Maybe it’s the dream to go back to college. Maybe it’s the dream of writing a book. Maybe it’s the dream of having better health, or the dream of getting married someday. It’s important to understand that before you see a dream on the outside, you have to see it on the inside.

Walt Disney had a dream to build a theme park in Florida. So, he bought the land and drew up the plans, but before the theme park was built he passed away after a bout with cancer. When the park finally opened in 1971, five years after his death, someone said, “It is too bad that Walt didn’t live to see this.” The Disney Creative Director said, “He did see it.” He had seen in his heart, and what was in his heart did come to pass. It out lived him.

There are dreams that God wants to drop into your heart that are so significant that they can outlive you.

What dream is stirring inside of you?