Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

How awesome would it be if that statement were true? Oftentimes it is far easier to heal a broken bone than it is to heal the wound caused by something someone said that deeply offended us. One of the top killers of our happiness is an offense. One offense has the ability to ruin your whole day, week, month, year, or even life.

My father was 49 years old when I was born. So by the time I was playing basketball in high school, my dad was already in his 60s. Complete strangers would often ask me if the man cheering insanely loud for me in the bleachers was my grandfather. To this day, I no longer remember their names or their faces, but what I do remember clearly is the feeling of being emotionally paralyzed and honestly… offended.

Regardless of our age, wealth, career, relationship status, or spiritual maturity, no one is exempt from offenses. Part of our human nature lies in wanting other humans to think highly of us. We want to be desired by the opposite sex. We want people to think we are good looking, wealthy, and ultimately happy. We want people to think we have it all together, living in a constant state of success.

We have all had a moment where somebody said something that made us feel unappreciated, insignificant, and undervalued.

Maybe it was a racial slur. Maybe it was a sexist remark. Maybe it was a Facebook comment. Maybe it was someone being chosen over you. Sometimes we’re offended not because of something someone said or did to us, but because of something someone said or did to a person we love. Under the umbrella of being a good friend, we’ll become offended on behalf of other people.

But what if I told you that you could live a life where you were unoffendable?

Not invincible.

Not Superman.

Not Wonder Woman.

No, you’ll certainly bleed. But what if I told you your pain could have a purpose? What if you could hear an offense and actually know what to do with it?

The next week of your life could be the best because it could be the week you let go of offenses and embrace freedom.