Hi God (It's Me Again)

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When I Need to Say “No”

Hi God. I’m desperately overcommitted, super busy, and totally stressed out!

I know it’s my own fault. I just keep saying “yes” to people, even when I don’t really want to do what they’re asking me to do. 

Sometimes, I think I just agree because I’m afraid of the repercussions of saying no. What if they don’t like me anymore? Or what if I get left out of things in the future? 

I have to start seeing the value of what a simple “no” does for me—for my peace, for my relationship with you, and for the future you’ve intended for me. 

What are some things I need to say “no” to, right now?

What are some things I’m not, totally, sure about?

How do I say “no” to those who are close to me without hurting their feelings?

“No” can be a great word. It can keep me from wasting my time and energy; precious time and energy that I could be spending with you!

From now on, I won’t let others control me. Instead, I’ll let you, God, lead me! 

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