Follow The Leader, Becoming A Better Disciple




To become a Christian is to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, an obedient student intent on learning what it means to glorify God as He did. There is no other option. Salvation is more than a Stay out of Hell card; it is the first step into a life of surrender and obedience to the will of God for His glory.

Among other things, the Holy Spirit’s job is to teach and remind you of God’s will, convict your heart of sin, and help you communicate with God.

Your job is to listen, learn, and respond appropriately when He speaks.

Jesus always holds up His end of the bargain. When you hold up yours, beautiful things happen!


  • Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ?
  • How do you know?


Read Matthew 16:24-25, 2 Corinthians 3:18, and John 14:25-27.