More Than Conquerors: Claiming Victory Over Sin

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Mankind has a problem, thanks to Adam. That problem is sin, or anything that goes against God’s will and nature, and it separates us from holy God, our Creator, Who loves us and wants us to know Him as Father.

Thankfully, being as gracious and merciful as He is just and holy, God the Father sent His perfect Son, Jesus, to cover the penalty we owed for sin so we could receive forgiveness, be brought into right relationship with Him, and call Him Father as His permanently adopted children.

When Jesus died on the cross, He took the sin of the whole world—past, present, and future—on Himself. You see, being perfect, He didn’t have any sin of His own to pay for, so His death paid for ours instead. His resurrection from the dead overcame the consequences of that sin—eternal separation from God—in the lives of all who put their faith in Him.


  • Have you put your faith in Jesus Christ for eternal salvation from the consequences of sin?
  • Do you know God as Father? If so, what confidence do you have in the battle against sin?


Read Romans 5:1-2, 6-11, 18-19.