Sinner To Saint

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Have You or Haven’t You?

God created mankind to enjoy fellowship with and glorify Him, but sin entered the world through Adam’s rebellion and got in the way, becoming a part of who we are and how we have operated as human beings ever since.

Sin—anything that goes against God’s nature—disqualifies us from the privilege of God’s presence, as He is holy and we are not, and has caused a great chasm between God and mankind. No matter how good we are or how admirable our intentions, we cannot cross this chasm on our own. The very best we can do or be always falls short of God’s perfection.

Thankfully, God is not only holy and just, but love itself. Seeing our need, God sent His Son Jesus to become the bridge over sin by which we can be brought into right relationship with Him.

Fully God and fully man, Jesus was tempted in every way, but did not sin, keeping a foot in both worlds, so to speak, by remaining holy even while in the flesh. His perfection qualified Him to become the sacrifice, or payment, necessary to cover our sin, and His death and resurrection overcame the power of death forever in the lives of those who put their faith in Him for salvation.

Through Jesus, every man, woman, and child has the opportunity to be saved, or spared the consequences of sin, and reconciled, or brought into right relationship with God. This miracle is evidence of God’s mercy, grace, and kindness. It is plenty of reason to celebrate!


  • Have you taken advantage of the God-given opportunity to be saved from the consequences of sin?
  • If so, when?
  • How has that decision changed your life?


Read Romans 5:17-19, James 2:10, and Romans 3:21-26.