Handling Media Influences

This week's key thought is, "Garbage in, garbage out. What's in my heart is what comes out." Keep this point in mind as you read this week's verses, go through the discussion, watch the video, and as you reflect on your interaction with media this week. Talk through these key points throughout the week:

• Media DOES affect our ATTITUDE and ACTIONS. Music, books, TV shows, games, apps, and movies are all media.
• Anything that goes in our eyes or ears affects our hearts and minds and comes out in our attitude and actions.
• Our bodies digest media kind of like we digest food. Our eyes and ears are entrance doors to our heart and mind. What we let in shapes how we think and feel. Then that affects what we do and say. So it goes in your eyes and ears, shapes your brain and heart, and comes out your mouth and actions.
• We know that music does impact your attitude, mind, and heart. That’s why movies have soundtracks. That’s why people have exercise playlists. The music you listen to DOES shape your heart and mind.