Hollywood Prayer Network On Forgiveness

7 Days

HPN wants to help meet your personal spiritual needs, supply you a solid daily devotional, and encourage you to include praying for the people, the projects, and the incredible influence of the Hollywood entertainment industry. We see it as the world’s most influential mission field, and yet, the people there struggle with the same issues we do. This week we’re focusing on one of the hardest and most life-changing issues of all time: FORGIVENESS! When we forgive others we become free.  But it’s a conscious choice to forgive, not just a feeling to get over. So, would you join us this week as we delve deep into our hearts and seek to forgive everyone who may have hurt us, betrayed us, or rejected us in some way? And let’s also determine to seek the forgiveness of others for anything they may have against us. Most importantly, let's embrace the unconditional, complete forgiveness that Jesus offers all of us!


We would like to thank Karen Covell, Kim Roberts, and Hollywood Prayer Network for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: http://hollywoodprayernetwork.org/

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