Hollywood Prayer Network On Anger

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Get Rid of Anger

"Until the will and the affections are brought under the authority of Christ, we have not begun to understand, let alone to accept, His lordship." Elisabeth Eliot

PRAY: Lord, I need You desperately each moment to keep me holy. Please help me get rid of any anger, any rage, malice, and slander. And please help me to hold my tongue when I'm about to use filthy language. Keep my heart pure so that my lips will stay pure. Thank you for giving me strength in times of weakness when I let anger, or any bad word, come out of my mouth. I'm depending on You!

REFLECT: Reflect on the culture today and how accepted it is to swear, get angry, have road rage, or use slander against others. We are in an angry culture. How can you live differently than everyone around you? How can you raise your children to be Christ-like, not "cool." Our home is heaven, and there will be no slander, malice, rage or anger there. So, can you start right now and keep your lips pure? Do you need to give up swearing, talking against others, or let go of your anger? The Holy Spirit will help you!

ACT: Pray for the people in Hollywood who struggle with anger. It's a difficult life to work in the entertainment industry. Either the artists can't make a living, so they grow angry through constant rejection and financial struggles, or, they reach "the top" and everyone wants something from them. The paparazzi, fans, and the press won't let them alone, and they have no privacy. Anger is a problem on both sides of the spectrum, and both are a common reality. As cultural role models, these people desperately need your prayers.