How To Teach Like Jesus

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"Teaching for Transformation"

This is a pretty clear parable. If a blind person’s escort is blind himself, they’re both in danger. A guide needs to have a good view of the road ahead—the same is true for teachers. 

When it comes to Christian instruction, the teacher’s job isn’t to simply cram a bunch of facts into a student's head; it’s to re-create themselves in the lives of their students. Curriculum and study all serve the greater purpose of helping this apprentice develop their own life-giving relationship with God. 

It’s imperative that instructors have more to impart than biblical facts, theology, and doctrine. They need to have their own mature relationship with God. That’s ultimately what makes them guides that can lead the blind. In the end, a student isn’t fully trained when they can recite certain facts; they’re fully trained when they become like their teachers.