The Freedom Of Limitation – Living Inside God's Box

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The Fantasy of Limitless Living

So many want to accept the idea that there are no limits in life and that any “box” that exists is simply the product of our imagination; an inconvenience that can be easily removed. But this idea is more a product of positive psychology than biblical theology. It sounds powerful and looks attractive, but it threatens to be a “cloud without rain” for millions of people who want to attain the reality of limitless living. The only prize at the end of this rainbow will be disappointment, disillusionment and discouragement.

There are three reoccurring myths, which don’t stack up against biblical reality:

Myth #1: I Can Be Anyone

We live in a box of personality. You are unique, a special individual. There is no one in the whole of human history that has been, or will be, like you. Yet we try to escape who we are in order to be someone else. We expend immense levels of energy to cover, hide, dress up and change ourselves. Yet the reality is, we cannot escape who we truly are. God is not afraid of who you are – in fact, He delights in your unique personhood.

Myth #2: I Can Do Anything

One of the worst things a person can be told is that they can do anything they want, especially when their design and gifts suggest otherwise. Instead of trying to do anything, what might happen if we concentrated on the things we can do and the opportunities that are before us? Many are trying to escape the box of their gifts, aspiring to use gifts they don’t have for tasks they’re not designed for. What if we moved our focus from “anything” to “one thing”?

Myth #3: I Can Go Anywhere

This “anywhere” is not geographic, but one of purpose. It means moving in the direction God has designed for us and doing the things we were meant to achieve. David concluded, “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be” (Psalm 139:16).

David understood that he wasn’t just “fearfully and wonderfully made”, but he was made for a purpose and that how he was made was inextricably linked to why he was made. David’s identity was linked to his destiny. Who he was, connected to why he was here.

Don’t miss your moment by pursuing the myths!