Navigating Constant Change

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Fear Not

One of the most difficult aspects of living as an expat in the Middle East, is navigating the constant change happening around us. Let’s be honest, Google maps has a hard time keeping up with all the road changes! One has to navigate the “settling in phase” … making new friends, finding a home, a school and a church. There are the cultural differences - trying to understand or make oneself understood just to order a McDonalds can be an art in itself! Often there is not just one new culture to deal with, but many, which includes different races, religions, languages and ways of doing things. 

Then, there is the constant movement of friends, the sad goodbyes, the knowing that for most of us this is a temporary situation. Lastly, there is living with the knowledge that should we lose our job or be transferred for any reason, our lives would be uprooted, having to relocate countries again. So much of this can cause fear and anxiety in us, but the Lord has told us that fear is not from Him. This is where we need to cling to Him and draw on His strength. Write down what is making you anxious and give this to the Lord. He is your Father, he loves you, and He wants you to cast your cares onto Him. Fear not, He has brought you here and He will not forsake you!