Being A Woman Of The Word


Savoring the Word

Casseroles are veiled in gently rising steam; jello salads wobble temptingly. Like a net, the smell of fresh rolls draws the guests to the table. Potlucks are meals of chance, roulette for the taste buds. The strategic guest fills her plate with a small bite of everything. There are surprises—what everyone thought was lemon meringue turned out to be a gelatinous banana pudding, while an untouched sauce swelled with savory, meaty flavor.

Studying the Bible's sixty-six books can feel like a potluck, and our reading habits might be picky, too. The Psalms and Proverbs might be sweet and easy to read, but the book of Numbers might have the attraction of week-old dry bread. The "good-stuff" gets scooped up, and the other books are overlooked.

As unsavory as they might seem, don't be so quick to pass on challenging sections of the Bible. Jesus said that men and women live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, not just some of them. Unlike a hit-or-miss potluck dish, all of Scripture is meant for the Christian's nourishment (Romans 15:4). Seek the Father as you chew on the book of Judges or contemplate the life of the prophet Ezekiel. All His Word is sweet when you can see Him in it.