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Praying Through ChangeSample

Praying Through Change

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The Diffusion of Innovation theory suggests that less than 3% of people are innovators, and less than 14% will be early adopters of those innovations. Everyone else (83% of us!) will be somewhat slower to get on board with new ideas. That feels about right when it comes to change. We all know someone who is eager and willing to try every new thing. We also know someone who never tries anything new if they can help it. Maybe you fall into one of those categories, or you’re somewhere in the middle. Wherever you fall, the word “change” makes some of us tingle with excitement and others of us tremble with fear.

Ask Yourself:

-What is your general reaction to changes outside of your control?

-How well do you think you cope with unexpected change? With planned change?

-Consider the Israelites: God is moving them from slavery to the Promised Land- Why are they struggling with that change?

-Reflect on God’s words to Joshua in verses 6-9. How do these words encourage you as you face change?

Pause to Pray: Take a few deep breaths and be honest with the Lord about the emotions you’re dealing with as you face change. Hear God’s voice as you use Joshua 1:6-9 to pray a prayer of surrender and trust.

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Praying Through Change

Change may come in many forms, but change always comes. Whether you are intentionally seeking change, or it has been forced on you, whether you want to change or you’re fighting it, there is a better way to work through ...


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