NIV Once-A-Day Bible for Women

Genesis 2:18–25

All of a sudden, the masterful symphony of creation hits a sour note—​Adam is alone. All is not good. Why? For one, Adam was incomplete. But Adam’s incompleteness was a picture of a bigger problem. God was creating people in his image. They were to be a picture of him, yet Adam demonstrated only a portion of God’s great heart.

Our culture sees certain characteristics as masculine and feminine. However, God isn’t masculine or feminine; he just is. To create people in his image, all his attributes—​bravery, tenderness, strength, beauty, determination, compassion—​would need to be seen. Adam as a male could not fully represent God’s heart. But Adam and Eve together could. Not only did Eve complete Adam, all women complete the image of God in humanity. Without women, all would not be good.