Through Exodus

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The Call 

Moses escaped death during his birth unlike many of the boys born in his time. He was privileged to be adopted by the princess of the country and at the same time brought up by his biological family. His family did the right thing of instilling the fear of the Lord and also telling him that he would be the deliverer of Israel. 

At the appointed time Moses went to live in the palace. As a boy growing in the palace Moses would have got the best education and training available at that time. Through all this Moses was sensitive to God’s calling on his life but he missed God’s timing. Instead of being crowned a deliverer he was exiled from the land and palace he grew up in. 

Years pass by Moses got settled in a comfortable lifestyle far from the calling of God. It was then that God unsettled him and met him at the burning bush. God directed Moses in the way he should go. He took care of Moses’ concerns and gave him signs and wonders to give him confidence. He also gave him a promise that he would deliver the Israelites and come and meet him on the same mountain. 

Lessons learnt

  • We are all called for a purpose.
  • We need knowledge not only from the word of God but worldly wisdom too.
  • We do what God wants us to do God’s way not our way.
  • We may go through long seasons of discouragement and may even give up our calling we need to be sensitive of God always.
  • We need to always be aware of things around us else Moses would have missed the burning bush.
  • God would take care of every detail of our calling. 
  • He knows our weaknesses and our concerns and He has a solution for them.
  • At the right time those who rejected us will accept us.