My Calling

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"Bloom where you are Planted"

Various phases in Moses’ life were instrumental in helping him to discern God’s calling. Every stage is therefore important and the ‘burning bush’ experience cannot be viewed without seeing the hand of God at every phase in Moses’ life. God’s hand of care and protection during Moses’ infancy cannot be discounted. His parents, the princess, his education and palatial lifestyle gave him strong foundations. At this point there’s no record of ecstatic experiences, or audible voices but God worked through circumstances and people, to help Moses get the best of nourishment and nurture that Egypt had to offer. (Acts 7:22 Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was powerful in speech and action.)

When we view our life we will see how the Lord has often times used heroes and high times in our life to demonstrate His care, protection and providence. We need to learn to bloom where we are planted, and gratefully thank Him for all that he has given us. We have become accustomed to high speed downloads and instant foods that we tend to expect God to function in a similar fashion. Moses’ calling came after a considerable length of time but God was at work all along. God’s calling, requires an acceptance of events in our life which were designed or allowed by God to shape us for the future. A premature anticipation to hear or crave for the ‘burning bush’ experience can leave us frustrated. God’s calling can come at any stage as we meander through life’s journey orchestrated by God. We need to keep moving forward with what has already been provided and in due course we’ll have that needed clarity on that specific assignment, until then bloom where you are planted with gratitude in your heart.