Overcoming Fear And Anxiety Through Spiritual Warfare

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Be Anxious for Nothing

Anxiety can take over your thoughts and emotions and often lead to physical symptoms. In our world there’s plenty to worry about—financial pressure, family or marriage problems, political unrest, and so much more.

How can you not worry about what other people think about tomorrow, about success or failure, about your spouse or children?

Jesus said don’t worry about it. Don’t be anxious. But how?

The Greek word translated “casting your care” in 1 Peter 5:7 paints a colorful picture of taking what you have and throwing it onto something else. It’s the same word used to describe the way Jesus’s disciples threw their garments on the donkey He rode into Jerusalem (Luke 19:35).

Imagine your worry as something tangible, like a garment you’re wearing. Write down what worries you, or draw a picture symbolizing your worry.

Then imagine taking off that garment of anxiety and throwing it onto Jesus. Do something physical to symbolize casting your worry on Him. Take what you wrote or drew, crumple it up and burn it, or tear it up, or place it at the altar at your church.

Cast your worry onto Jesus, and leave it there. He can handle it.