I Would, But…

I Would, But…

DAY 7 OF 7

Have you ever met someone who wants everyone to know when they were right about something? They can’t let it go – they need to make sure you know that they were right, you were wrong, and it ought to be documented somewhere for history to be able to look back upon.

Jonah was that type of person.

As we’ll read in this chapter, he may have done what God asked him to, but certainly not with the attitude God would’ve wanted. In fact, Jonah is more concerned about the fact that these Ninevites were sinners that he forgets that he is as well!

You might think you deserve to be bitter or reserved because someone hurt you or someone wronged you; the truth is none of us has the right to be bitter once we’re found by Christ! We surrender our rights when we decide to follow Jesus.

So yes, you might be right. They may have hurt you. They may ‘deserve’ to be given the cold shoulder or even not invited to church. But in God’s sight, we’re all sinners and don’t deserve the grace we’ve been given. So if you struggle with being bitter and maybe even selfish (and self-righteous), read this chapter about Jonah’s last words recorded in scripture. Is that how you want your life to end in the history books?


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I Would, But…

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