Mother Of The Year

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Under Her Wings

Even though I live on a farm, I have no experience whatsoever with hens and chicks. I do, however, have an idea of how a hen might feel (if indeed a hen can feel) when it comes to protecting her chicks. The hen has a nurturing nature, and she wants to keep her little ones safe. I think there’s actually a “motherhood thing” going on—not just a “chicken thing.” Perhaps what’s really going on is a Jesus thing.

The Lord has a nurturing nature when it comes to his children. He wants to guide you and keep you safe, to draw you close to him just as that hen does when she gathers her chicks under her wings. As a mom, you exhibit that same nature when you draw your children to your side—to the shelter of your presence.

Think About It:

As a mother, you know how heartbreaking it would be for your children to stay at arm’s length and resist the safety and love you provide. Are you keeping the Lord at a distance by rejecting his love and protection?