Mandisa - Out Of The Dark Devotional

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I'm Still Here

Devotional by Mandisa

For three years, I was in a pit. Not a physical one like Joseph was thrown into by his brothers in Genesis 37. No, mine was a deep pit of depression that I lowered myself into by isolating myself from everyone who loves me (including God), and making bad choices that resulted in overwhelming shame.

Have you ever been there, in a pit of despair? Whether you were thrown in by someone else, or you lowered yourself in, a pit is a pit. It is dark, lonely, and often feels like there is no way out.

But there is! Our compassionate God specializes in reaching down into dark pits and pulling His children out. He'll do the heavy lifting; our role is simply to look up and grab a hold of His hand.

Here are 3 things that God taught me about how to come out of a pit:

  1. Freedom Flickers—While darkness can feel all-consuming, it only takes a flicker of light to dispel it. Light can be found in countless ways: scripture, an encouraging comment, a song on your local Christian radio station, etc. It only takes a spark. Ask God for that. Then keep your eyes open for it.
  2. Family Flames—God calls us to community for a reason. As I sat, day after day, by myself, listening to the lies of the enemy, and my own negative self-talk, I sank deeper and deeper into darkness. I thank God for surrounding me with "Light People" who prayed for me, called, pounded on my door, and eventually accosted me at a movie theater parking lot. Like Jesus, they loved me just as I was, but too much to leave me that way. The members of the Body of Christ (meaning the family of God) are God's hands and feet. If you don't have people like that in your life, ask Him to send you some, then keep your eyes open for them.
  3. Focus Forward—As long as I focused on the mistakes I made in that season of darkness, I would stay stuck there. Instead, I choose to look forward. I set my mind on the grace and forgiveness of God, and rather than thinking about how far I have to go, I simply take that next step of obedience. What is that step for you? Once you think of it, take it.

I'm still here, and so are you! That means that our stories are still being written, and I believe that the best is yet to come!

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