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Pour: An Experience With GodSample

Pour: An Experience With God

DAY 1 OF 5


God longs to pour into you, in rich and satisfying ways. You are worthy of experiencing His goodness, His comfort and His love. You’ve been holding your breath up until this point, but now it’s time to exhale.

Breathe out all of the worry. Lay the weight of disappointment and uncertainty, down at His feet. Breathe in His peace.

Start your time of prayer today by surrendering every care, burden and weakness to Him. God cares about every area of our lives. Psalm 37:23b (NLT) reminds that “He delights in every detail of our lives.” There is no area in your life that is off limits. If it matters to you, then it matters to God.

Let today be an opportunity for you to relinquish control and release any pressure you’ve been feeling as a result of trying to keep everything together. You can be weak. You can cry. You can scream. You don’t need permission. This is your moment to feel and release, with the confidence that God is right there with you.


Ask God to fill you afresh with His Spirit. Ask Him to strengthen you where you are weary and weak. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into all Truth and for Him to override every thought and perspective that has been weighing you down. Ask the Lord to give you the grace to trust Him and the courage to rest. Declare that you will experience His tangible presence this week.


I am worthy of experiencing Gods tangible presence.


Take a few minutes to be still and silent. Lift up your hands and simply say 'I receive' and wait for God to respond. God may give you a word, scripture, song or even an image, in this moment of silence. Write it down. That’s God pouring into you.

Day 2

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Pour: An Experience With God

Are you feeling burnout, overwhelmed or just not motivated? This devotional is an opportunity for you to connect with God and experience Him in a new way. It is filled with encouragement, prayers and affirmations that wi...


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