Divine Separation

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A Divine Separation Is Ordained By God For A Greater Purpose – A Divine Purpose!

Usually, when we hear the word separation, it brings with it a great sense of loss and heartbreak. I believe no matter what the separation is it will always hurt in the present moment. But I understand that while all separation is difficult and hurtful not all separation is bad and can be beneficial for us eventually. One of the most devastating separations we can face as humans are being separated from God. But I am so thankful for Jesus and the finished work of the cross; that we no longer must live separated from him, I like to say it like this, "Now I get to live separated unto him."

There are several definitions of the word separation, but the one I most like is, "The place at which a division or parting occurs." 

Before we came to the saving grace of Jesus, we found ourselves in a distant place. Once Jesus comes into our lives that gap or distance is removed and we have free access to God the father because of the bridge Jesus made for us. While there is such freedom now to access the Father, the enemy still seeks to keep us from him.

The enemy preys on keeping us in bondage so we will always feel separated from God. He loves to play on our emotions because he is so good at manipulation. One area the enemy keeps God's children in bondage is the area of strife. 

The definition of strife is, "Vigorous or bitter conflict, a quarrel, discord, and antagonism or competition and rivalry." Often we find ourselves in strife when we refuse to separate from the people with different values, visions, dreams, and purposes in life. Don't get me wrong; I am not saying that we should be clannish and secluded but when we allow the compromising of our values that go against God's Word and Will for our lives; we will find ourselves in trouble. Sometimes God is calling you to a place where he can pour into you, and that means leaving people aside for that time. God called Abraham to a great destiny with promises beyond his imagination. But God was very specific in Abraham moving away from his family to a place where God would do this great work in him. Abraham did not follow the instructions as he should and took his nephew Lot along. Mind you this nephew caused him a lot of trouble. It is vital for us to understand that following God's instructions will always lead to life and not strife.

Food for thought: Do I need a divine separation in my life and if so what is God's instructions?