The Prophetic Advantage

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The Prophetic Advantage

We are living in days of tremendous crisis and turmoil. The Lord has set the stage where no one with a carnal mind can discern what is happening in our society socially, economically, or militarily. If there was ever a time when God’s people needed an advantage, it is now. The Lord in His mercy is releasing revelation knowledge through His prophets that will empower the people of God with wisdom, direction, and insight into the council of His will.

Israel had an advantage over the other nations because they possessed the oracles of God. The prophetic Scriptures gave Israel an advantage in preparing them for the coming Messiah.

The Lord is empowering the church with an anointing to communicate His heart and mind accurately. The church will speak as an oracle of God.

When we speak prophetically, we are speaking as the oracles of God. This will give us an advantage in all things pertaining to our lives. We have an advantage, just as Israel had an advantage. This is called the prophetic advantage.