There Is A Cloud

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There Is A Cloud — Part 1

“And with great anticipation
We await the promise to come
Everything that you have spoken
Will come to pass, let it be done.”

When Elijah told his servant to go and look toward the sea, he wasn’t just looking for a weather forecast, he was looking for the promise of God. For three and half years severe drought had ravaged the land.

Amidst this dryness, Elijah had received a promise from God that rain would come. He simply needed to be obedient (1 Kings 18:1).

After following through in obedience, Elijah prepared for and waited for that promise to come. But nothing happened — at least not at first.

Elijah’s servant returned with nothing but disappointment to report. No cloud. No rain. No promise. Elijah had held up his end of the deal, so where was God? Instead of giving up, though, Elijah told his servant to go back.

Finally, after Elijah’s servant had gone back seven times, evidence was finally witnessed. A cloud the size of a man’s hand was seen and taken as a sign of God’s promise to come.

What Elijah knew, and what we often fail to realize, is that God’s promises will come to pass — it just may not be according to our timing.

At this moment in your life, all evidence may be pointing to drought, but a drought doesn’t have to mean the death of your promise. It may just simply mean delay.

If you’ve been looking for the evidence of what God has promised, don’t give up after the first glance. Go back. Just as Elijah instructed his servant — go back — and keeping going back until you see it come to pass.

What God promises, God will do. The question is: Will you have the patience to see it?