Love God Greatly: Ruth

The book of Ruth begins by giving us the background story of how Naomi’s family ended up in a pagan land. The famine in the land was the result of disobedience, and Elimelech’s response to God’s discipline was to walk away from God, not toward Him. Rather than respond with faith in the character and provision of God, Elimelech took matters in his own hands and went the way of the world.

Have you ever found yourself standing with empty hands because you were disobedient? Our response to God’s chastening should be repentance, humility, and obedience. We can decide to ask for forgiveness and re-align our hearts to God, or we can be willful and wild and end up even emptier than when we started.

Lord, give us hearts that are quick to repent and turn to You when we sin. Help us to be teachable and tender to the leading of Your Spirit and say no to our flesh. Amen.