7 Days Of Hope, Part 2

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God Is Still Good

Log into Facebook at any given time, and you’ll see statuses such as, “Got the test results back today and everything is fine. God is good.” Yes, we absolutely should praise God for healing and for great health. But part of me thinks that even if those test results didn’t come back OK, God is still good and worthy to be praised.

When my son, Christian, was born with an extremely rare birth defect, I wasn't praising God. I believe God had the power to heal Christian before he was born. But in our case He chose not to.

But God slowly changed my perception from “God lied to me; He isn’t good” to “God’s promises are truth even if they don’t look like we think they should.”

God doesn’t choose to be good or loving or faithful. He is love, goodness, and faithfulness. It’s His perfect nature. So whether or not our circumstances feel good, God is still good . . . because good is who He is.

We need to choose to praise God in the midst of our circumstances, whether it be during health trials, financial hardships, or familial relationships that get strained. It’s not our typical human response, so how can we look at hard times and bring God glory though them?