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Real Hope: A Study of Acts 24-28Sample

Real Hope: A Study of Acts 24-28

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Paul’s Response

The Book of Acts gives us such an incredible glimpse into Paul’s story. We see him, initially as Saul, in the stoning of Stephen. Then, we see his conversion to Christianity, his discipleship by Barnabas, followed by his call to the thriving missionary work we see him fulfil stretching from Jerusalem to Rome and so many places in between.

Through the Book of Acts, we see a relentless follower of Jesus who wasn’t deterred by beatings, shipwrecks or prison stays. He wasn’t overwhelmed by the commitment to extend to others the discipleship he’d received from Barnabas and to take the message to the ends of the earth. Paul was fearless and focussed, loved and respected by those who followed him, hated and feared by those who saw his influence. His ministry seemed desperate and urgent.

The verses above (Acts 13:2–3) show Paul receiving a clear calling from the Holy Spirit to all that we see him do through Acts. I’m most encouraged in Paul’s story by his full-hearted commitment to fulfil the clear calling, without ceasing, for as long as he is able.

Have you received a clear calling in your life?

Written by SUSIE HOLT


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Real Hope: A Study of Acts 24-28

This plan follows some of Paul’s story and encourages us to never give up on God. When the going gets tough, we need to keep our hearts tuned to Him, respond when He calls, and then be courageous in using our testimony t...


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