Trusting God In The Eye Of The Storm

Trusting God In The Eye Of The Storm

DAY 4 OF 5

Believing God's Goodness

I'm learning that I will never be able to trust God if I don't believe that He is good! I will never believe that He is good if I don't ultimately believe that He is always motivated by love. I will only trust God to the degree that I know and perceive Him. For many years I have perceived God as being moody and temperamental with wavering degrees of goodness. Viewing God this way has sent me down road after road of performance-based pursuits, trying to please God and keep on performing so that He'll stay happy with me and bless me. After years of being on this treadmill, I've found myself exhausted and embittered!

Recently the Lord has begun to open my heart and give me the grace to fully trust Him. At first, believing that I am truly "free in Christ" felt reckless and irresponsible! However, I'm finding a freedom that I've never known, and it's come through arriving at the end of myself and confessing to the Holy Spirit, "I can't do this! I am incapable of fixing myself! I cannot raise myself upright! Jesus, YOU have to do it." I feel like the pressure is off, and I'm just learning to BE and to REST!

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Trusting God In The Eye Of The Storm

For many years I worked as a paramedic, which gave me an incredible sensitivity for life. A common thread that unifies every human is the fact that we all experience storms of life. My hope in writing this devotional ser...

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