Journeys With The Messiah

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Rest for the Weary. Time out from the burdens of life.

As I write this in March 2009, the world is in the midst of serious economic upheaval. Fortunes have been lost, retirement incomes are gone, and, for many, the basic necessities have become a struggle. It is at times like these that I recall the simplicity of childhood and the safety of my parents’ arms.

In truth, we assign too much importance to issues that, in the end, will be of little consequence. Have you ever heard of a man on his deathbed asking to see his stock portfolio one more time?

Perhaps, instead of worrying, we could spend our time in quiet solitude with Him, the One who created it all and promises more? Like any good parent, Jesus promises that He will “never leave us or forsake us.” And, He commands us not to worry about anything, but to “seek His Kingdom first,” allowing His Father to generously take care of our needs. He invites “all who are burdened and weary” to come and find rest in Him. It is a great offer. Maybe we should give it a try.