ReThink Life: 40 Day Devotional

Does it not blow your mind to think that the creator of the entire universe cares deeply about you and sees you as his most treasured possession! He paid a huge price by giving his one and only son Jesus to die for you so that you can have a personal relationship with him. In our culture so many things are disposable, easily thrown out and thrown away. We can “unfriend” someone with the click of a button, but God says He would give up all that He has just to have you as his intimate friend!

As you go about your day today go in confidence that no matter how you are treated by people you will encounter, you are a person of great worth! Keep God’s truth in your heart knowing that you were purchased at a high price! Walk with your head held high and your heart warmed by the love of your creator!

Father, I thank you for the price you paid just to call me your own. Thank you that you see me as your most treasured possession! Help me walk in confidence today remembering and knowing that I am a person of great worth. I am your child and you are the Most High King! I pray my life today will honor you today! In Jesus’ name, Amen.