ReThink Life: 40 Day Devotional

The greatest relationship we will ever have the opportunity to enjoy in our lives is our friendship with God. The Bible speaks of his love for us in the most quoted scripture of all time, John 3:16. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. This word “love” in the Greek is the word Agape. It is the love that covers all, the love without demand and the love that is impossible to measure. This love so great is the love that God has for us and his greatest desire is not for us to be religious, but for us to have a relationship with him!

All other loves will fail, but the love of God will never fail you. Even when we feel like He is not there or that He does not care about the situation you are in. You have to remember that our minds cannot even comprehend the eternal, everlasting love of God. We just have to trust that love and gratefully accept Him as the greatest friend we will ever know.

Father, I thank you today for your amazing love for me! Thank you for proving your love through giving your one and only Son Jesus to die for all of my sins so that I can have a relationship with you! I pray that my life will be a reflection of my relationship with you so that others can find a friendship with you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.