Joy! to Your World! A Countdown to Christmas

The Magi fell on their faces and worshiped Jesus. This was full-blown, dynamic heart worship and not lip service in the manner of King Herod. King Herod said that he wanted to worship the King of the Jews, but it was lip service and lip service alone that was his intention. While King Herod spoke of worship, it was murder that was in his ugly heart.

These learned and respected men, the Magi, who had possibly traveled as far as 800 or 900 miles to find the newborn King, fell on their faces when in His dear presence. Jesus was a baby, probably under 2 years old, when they arrived and yet still they fell down in wonder and in worship.

While Jesus was talking baby talk and babbling away in a language only his mother could understand, these men who were known for solving the mysteries of the ages, lay prostrate in His eternal presence.

True worship always entails a change of position and a change in prominence. In the presence of the Holy Child, these men cared not for tradition or liturgy. They only knew that He was worthy to be worshiped and fell at His baby feet in heartfelt praise. Will you fall on your face this Christmas in the presence of Jesus?

True worship always involves joy! These wise men had their academic world rocked with the joy that was found in the presence of Jesus Christ. They had changed their academic regalia for a garment of praise. Will you let go of your human emotional make-up and allow the joy of His presence to infiltrate your world?

True worship always involves a giving away of something valuable. The Magi had brought treasures to the tiny King and His humble family. What will you bring of value to Jesus this Christmas?

Worship is the meeting place of God and humanity. It is the moment when humanity falls on its face in joy!

The mistake that many of us make is that we are distracted by the “magic” of the season when what is actually occurring is the miraculous. The miracle of Christmas is just one choice away. Will you mistakenly yearn for snow, gifts and family? Or will you lift your eyes to the miracle of Christmas?