Wisdom Workout

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Understanding the difference between wisdom and knowledge is a prerequisite to understanding this plan. People who possess a wealth of knowledge aren’t always ‘wise.’ That’s why being able to distinguish the difference is what will set you up to use these daily ’wisdom coach’ devotionals in the best possible way.

Knowledge is about know how while wisdom is about insight, discernment and application. One may have knowledge but not wisdom but if one possesses wisdom he or she would also possess knowledge and understanding. Knowledge is necessary but wisdom is mandatory to excel and live an honorable and satisfied life.

All things being equal among two individuals — be it education, upbringing, talent and opportunities — the one who practices wisdom is the one who is destined to get ahead. Wisdom is the X-factor. Like anything precious and valuable, it needs to be desired and pursued.

My conviction is that no one is born with developed wisdom but one need to make a conscious and regular effort to develop it. High IQ levels are helpful but a man or woman who practices wisdom can be stopped by none. It dwells in the mind and heart of a person. Wisdom is like a muscle which needs to be worked on daily. Its development requires daily exercise and a diet which supplements and aids it. If no exercise and careless intake of unhealthy food results in an unhealthy physical body that is prone to various kinds of ailments; similar is the case with a mind that is devoid of proper nourishment and exercise. Such a person ends up making poor choices, decisions and more importantly loses their sense of purpose.

The most critical aspect of wisdom is its application. This is the most significant differentiation —knowledge ‘knows’ but wisdom ‘does.’ Wisdom won't just show up at your door step, you have got to desire it, pursue it and be willing to make significant trade-offs to acquire it.

Things to consider:

1. Do you regard yourself as someone wise or knowledgeable or both?

2. Think about your life and specific situations, do you deal with situations based on knowledge or wisdom?