Build The House: A Call To Build The Church

"God’s House"

When you think about a house, what comes to mind? Do you think about the walls and the windows? Do you picture a ranch or a two-story? Maybe you think about the cozy family room or spacious kitchen. Perhaps you think about the house you grew up in or the memories associated with buying your first house.

Have you ever thought about what kind of house God would own? Though it’s crazy to think God even has a house, throughout Scripture we are given this idea that He does. God’s house isn’t limited to a physical structure as much as it is the place where people gather to worship Him. Every building, room, or open space filled with God’s people becomes a “house of worship.”

One time, when Jesus was twelve years old, his parents left him in Jerusalem…by accident. How do you even do that? Although it doesn’t speak highly of Mary and Joseph’s parenting skills, it did set the scene for Jesus to declare something powerful about the church. After an all-day search, Jesus’ parents finally found him sitting in the temple courts, the Jewish church, listening and asking questions of the religious leaders. When his parents find him, he doesn’t realize why they were so frantic. He assumed they would know just where to find him. He says to them, “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?”

Jesus connects the place we worship on this earth to God’s House!

Have you ever considered the place you worship as God’s House? It’s not just the place you go to hear a message or sing some songs, but it’s the place you connect with your Father in heaven. Be thankful that you have the freedom to worship in God’s House every weekend!