Worshipping God

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Lifestyle Worship

When I was in an oboist in a symphony orchestra, I learned that when the conductor comes up with a piece, he wants each member to practice it during the week. So I had to take the score home with me. And how well the orchestra performed at the next rehearsal depended on how each person handled his own part.

It is the same with worship. If we are hypocrites, if our profession of faith lacks reality, when we come to church to sing and worship, we will be out of tune and will not be making music pleasing to God.

What we are individually, twenty-four hours a day, is more important than what happens in church once a week. The secret of acceptable worship lies in how we are at home or at work, and when we are alone and nobody knows what we are doing. It lies in our total lifestyle.

The way we guard against being a hypocrite six days a week is by applying the Word of God to our lives. And in order to do this, we must outlaw all bitterness from our lives. We must seek to be filled with love and with total forgiveness and acceptance of each other. We must live sacrificial lives, seeking at each moment only to love and serve God in holiness, humility, and prayer.