Three Questions For Husbands

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Is Your Wife Your Best Friend?

Devotional Content:

Often I talk to men who really want their marriages to be better but just do not know what to do. Men are usually not very relational, but our wives usually are. We need to know how to relate to our wives on this level. Let me ask you three questions over the next few days that, I believe, will get you on the right track.

First Question: “Is your wife your best friend?” Our wives long for our companionship. They not only want us to spend time with them but also want us to enjoy the time we spend with them. Your wife wants to be your first choice. Here are some ideas:

Sit down with your wife and ask her for some ways she would like for you to spend time with her. 

When she is talking to you, listen. I mean, really listen. Be able to tell her what she said.

Respond to her questions. Add your input.

Next to God, think of her first. Pray for her. Let her know how much she means to you.

Surprise her when she least suspects you to be thinking of her.

Tell her every day that you love her.

That’s it. Try making her your best friend for the next 90 days. I promise you that your marriage will be on the way to becoming Awesome!

Today’s Challenge:

Dr. Kim shares that our wives want to be our first choice. What can you do this week to show your wife that she is your first choice?

Going Deeper:

1. Dr. Kim shares that our wives are very relational and that we need to find ways to relate to them. What is one thing you can do to better relate to your wife?

2. Sit down with your wife this week and ask her some ways she would like you to spend time with her.

3. When was the last time you surprised your wife? What is something simple you can do this week to surprise your wife?

4. Pray and ask God to help you to be best friends with your wife, and make a commitment to pray for your wife every day this week.


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