Underground Believers

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Doesn’t it astound you that Jesus came into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday all the while knowing exactly what was going to happen there? He would be arrested, face an unfair trial; endure torture, and a cruel death. He could see the future and the details of all these things, but He was surrendered to the Father, and He trusted what the Father had told Him previously. Soon, God would put all things under His feet. Jesus would be King over all! The glory awaiting Him was greater than the suffering before Him.

As followers of Jesus, we share in His victory over death but we also share in the hatred that the world had for Him. He spoke about it many times throughout His ministry so we would not be surprised when we are ridiculed, scorned, attacked, or persecuted. We are all one body, one family, with Christ. Our family serving the Lord in countries where there is open persecution and hostility to the Gospel has counted the cost and fully know the possible outcome of their boldness. Yet they continue, as Jesus did.

Take some time to pray for your family in the hot spot zones of persecution, who face their highest threat levels this week.