Fear & Anxiety

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Fear is a Hindrance

Fear and anxiety are themes we find quite common in the Bible. I suppose this might be because our human nature is often prone to both when things are uncertain and our view is not in the right place. Unless trained otherwise, our default can often be to fear or be anxious.

All of our sins are rooted in fear. For example, a fear of not being good enough can manifest in the need for recognition, thus igniting pride and advancement in our heart. Or the fear of not being accepted can create a desire to please people. Whatever your struggle, there is a connection to a deep seeded fear. And with that fear, with that struggle, is an obstacle in your life.

Fear is a hindrance to the enjoyment of life. When you allow fear and anxiety to take shape in your life, you’re allowing something to hinder the fullness in your life. It paralyzes you, immobilizes you, causes you to question moving forward.

If you’re living in fear and anxiety today, or might be prone to go there, fully submerge yourself into this plan and into the scripture explored. Prepare yourself to face your past and the fears you pushed back into the corners of your soul so that you can be an overcomer by the power of Christ! You don’t have to live there, nor is it what God has for you, so commit to a new way of life today.

Over the next week, we’re going to explore how fear and anxiety can hold you back and keep you from experiencing all God has for you, as well as what the Bible says in overcoming it. Today, take stock of the fears in your life and how they connect to the struggles you face, and let’s do this!

So, why should you care? Because God cares. And because people matter. But so do you and it’s the heart of this reading plan to give you tools that will encourage you to pour into others when you feel empty. Over these seven days, we’ll explore the struggles of giving when you’re tapped out, some practical advice in pouring out, and a promise from God to those who do.