A Supernaturally Natural Life


I love mission trips! In fact, my wife and I have had the privilege to go on several foreign missions. As the Lord led, we went on these missions to be a blessing, but in reality, those beautiful countries were a big blessing to us. I remember one trip. When in college a person had encouraged us to go on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa and even as he was speaking, I felt the burden to go and serve there for a month.

After chapel I met the Pastor and he mentioned that the trip would cost $3,645 for a month (1,53,000 INR in 2008). Wow! That’s a lot of money for a college student. But then I began to do what my parents taught me, and that was to pray and speak forth the word of God, that “Whenever you are faced with a mountain, don’t tell God about it, but use your faith and the word of God to command that mountain to move in Jesus name.”

During this time, I went to Washington, DC to visit some friends who took me to visit one of their family friends and as I walked into their house, the lady looks at me and says (Now you have to understand that I am meeting them for the first time) “You’re a man of God, here is a small offering for you.” I gladly accepted the small white envelope and when I went back home, I anxiously opened the envelope, to find $1,000 in it!

I was over-the-top excited! I then called my parents to tell them about the incident and they rejoiced with me, thanking God. During the course of our conversation my mom told me that someone she had met in Bangalore, India had felt to give something for my trip to Uganda, and had pulled out $2,000 from her bag. It gets better- My dad was leaving a Gulf nation, when a random person came up to him and gave him an envelope with instructions.

He told my dad that the money in the envelope was for “Your son Sammy’s mission trip to Africa”. My dad thanked the person, looked down at the envelope, and when he looked up the man was gone. He opened it and found $1000 in it. I believe it was an Angel. To be honest, God brought in over $8,000 for my trip to Africa!

Do I need to encourage you regarding what to do for a miracle?

Application: If you’re desperately looking to God for a miracle, take some time to meditate about the Lord being your provider and shift your heart and mind on to Him. See Him pouring out His blessing upon you and meeting your need. He will not fail you!

Quote: “...focus your full attention on the goodness and greatness of your Father rather than on the size of your need. Your need is tiny compared to His ability to meet it”- Bill Patterson

The word GOOD in Greek means (STRONGS LEXICON H2896) TOWB, which means “prosperity”, “rich” “agreeable”, “excellent”, “good things”, “happiness”