SOULCON Challenge

SOULCON Challenge

DAY 7 OF 7


This is the last day of this devotional, but I pray it is not the end of SOULCON in your life. I pray you take on the SOULCON CHALLENGE with 2-12 other men in your life after this. I believe God has an incredible work that He will do in and through you during that process. 

I want you to take a moment and read through the passage of scripture below. I fully believe it is in this text we find the daily battle to either either pick up our cross or pick up our fork, and we find the ability to relate with one of the most elite special forces soldiers of God’s army, the Apostle Paul. One of the key points I want to highlight in this passage is how our best day will never compare with Jesus’s worst day, and that’s why we need a Savior. 

We need the cross daily because it’s the cross that reminds us Jesus our Savior had to come to earth as man (still 100% God), lived a sinless life, died a brutal death on a cross, and was resurrected from the dead so we could have the gift of the Holy Spirit living and dwelling in us. He did this because He loves us like crazy, and He knows we could never live a perfect day. So our call to be holy, to be perfect is one that is impossible on our own. It is impossible without the empty cross, without the power of the Holy Spirit in us. So remember as you go through this difficult journey, it’s not about your perfection. 

It’s about your focus on the One who is perfect, and stewarding these bodies to the best of your ability on this earth. Now you may be like me at times and have the thought like, “why even try? If we could never be perfect or have a perfect day, then why not stay just like I am? I mean, God loves me like I am, and this challenge seems really difficult.” I believe this is an extremely toxic thought from the enemy. As men, we cannot let the pain of failing along the way, or the pain of disappointment stop us from living in top physical, emotional and spiritual condition. 

Our family needs us to be as healthy as possible, our workplaces need it, and the world around us needs it. The healthier we are, the more strength we have to take the Good News of Jesus Christ into the dark areas of this earth. God knows we are human, He knows we have made and will continue to make mistakes, and He loves us unconditionally. He believes in us, and He wants to see us become trained in Him, to truly light up the world around us. 

Like special forces soldiers, we have to keep our eyes on the mission objectives, trained and ready for battle. In God’s army, the most elite training is yielding to God’s power daily and not the desires of our flesh. It is only then, when we are yielded and walking in the power of the Spirit, we can we carry out the mission objectives our Commander in Chief has given us. The following text is from Paul, one of the most elite soldiers God’s army has ever seen. He shares the struggle of living in these bodies, and having the desire to please God. Please let this text ring in your thoughts throughout this challenge, and I pray you take on the SOULCON CHALLENGE soon. 

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SOULCON Challenge

SOULCON CHALLENGE is designed to take men from an Al Bundy lifestyle to one like Chris Kyle. Men who are longing to be in the battle and will go through the training to be used by God in this war for souls. This devotion...

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