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I didn’t exactly grow up in a Christian home. But there were a few things my parents got right, which stuck with me. A good work ethic was one of those things. My father used to quote Colossians 3:23 every time I didn't want do my homework, or I didn't finish a task well. He would say, “You should always be proud of what your name is on, and be willing stand by it!” As kid, I though that just meant I was going to have do my homework again, or re-clean the bathroom. Now as an adult, I see the point he was making. My reputation was at stake.

As believers, God has placed his “name” on us. By name I mean His “Reputation.” A good study would be what the Bible means by the phrase “Name of Jesus.” My point is we don’t work for people. We work, submit, and create in service to our true master. Jesus paid a very high price to call us His own. The LEAST we can do is function at our maximum capabilities in our respective arenas.

If anything, to say thank you for paying our debt to the Father! He places his righteousness on us, gave the right to be called the sons of God. He wrote his “name” us. We should function like something he could be proud of. Not because that earns us favor, but to show our appreciation for the favor we don't deserve. The context of this passage Paul teaches how as believers to live and work with each other and submission in the context of family and church. As we all know, some people aren't exactly “submission worthy.” But he reminds us that we aren't just submitting to them or working for them. We work for the Lord. Our excellence is worship.

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