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Faith & Love: A One Year Bible Reading Plan - Part 5Sample

Faith & Love: A One Year Bible Reading Plan - Part 5

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This is one of the most significant moments in Jesus’ life and is known as the ‘mount of transfiguration.’ He was physically transformed to display God’s true glory in bodily form. “Transfigured” is the Greek word “metamorphosis”, which implies that he was externally changed to mirror the glory that was in him. Like a caterpillar emerging from the cocoon as a butterfly. God the Father affirmed his glorified Son with deep love and pleasure. He adds a command: “Listen to him.”

It was significant that Moses and Elijah were also present to witness this moment. God was in essence saying that his true glory was only partially seen in the law of Moses and the prophets but that it is now fully visible in his Son, Jesus.

Have you ever struggled to understand how real transformation happens in your own life? It is not by keeping the Law or by listening to prophets. Real transformation happens when you listen to what Jesus says about you and believe it. Just as Jesus listened to his Father’s affirming words, you need to hear the truth of his Word over your own life. This inner conviction will lead to a transformed life.

What does the Father say about you today?

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About this Plan

Faith & Love: A One Year Bible Reading Plan - Part 5

This one-year plan will take you on a journey in Faith and Love through the New Testament. We hope that you will be challenged to grow spiritually and be inspired as a follower of Jesus. This is Part 5 of 12.

We would like to thank Doxa Deo for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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