End Boredom At Work

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Help! I’m bored!

Work can be boring. Maybe your job is repetitive, and you’re sick of doing the same thing every day. Or maybe your job feels meaningless and you don’t know why you do it anymore. Whatever brings on the boredom, being bored at work is a serious problem. It could leave you wondering, like the psalmist, “how long” you have to suffer through it.

Yes, boredom can be a real “pain in the soul.” But for Christians there is hope.

Just like the psalmist asks God to “Give light to my eyes,” you can make your work less boring by asking God how he can light it up. God might show you meaning behind your work that you haven’t seen before. Or he might show up at your job in a way that makes it better. The lessons in this reading plan will help you see how God has done this before, for other people facing boredom.

But first, if your job is boring, let out a cry to God. He doesn’t mind. He made sure psalms like this one are in the Bible. You’re not alone. If you’re bored at work, ask God “how long?”


Help me, God, I’m bored at work. How long will I have to suffer? See the sorrow in my heart. Lord, I’m counting on you to fix it. Amen.

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